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Sam Jackson Greeting Cards « justcoolstudio.com

Sam Jackson Greeting Cards

ho ho ho MF_main

I’ve always wanted to do a novelty type project and I felt like this holiday season was the perfect time to do one. The basic idea for this set of greeting cards, was thought of sometime ago and has been sitting in my sketchpad for a little over a year.  Even with the idea thought up long ago, it took me about two weeks of prep time and somewhere around 2-3 more weeks for the illustration process. With each card, I wanted to give a simultaneous feeling of cohesiveness and separation. Hence the very similar illustrations paired with different typefaces on each card.  This aspect made for a very fun design and discovery phase.  These cards were given to friends and family members, the clients were spared from receiving these particular cards.

Why Samuel L. Jackson?
Well, because he’s awesome and I believed everyone would get a good laugh out of these. Plus, I can picture him actually saying each greeting with his signature word.

Ho Ho Ho_closeups

Ho Ho Ho Mf_pack

Of course the color scheme I decided to use includes the traditional holiday colors of this season. I considered non-traditional color palettes for these cards, but the traditional palette worked best in the end.

Be Merry MF_Main

Be Merry_closeups

be merry MF pack

By now, you’ve noticed the Samuel Clause, Samuel Elf Jackson and Muthafuckin’ Rudolph (There really isn’t a clever way to do the reindeer names). ANYWAY, I’m sure you’ve made the connections with these, but if you haven’t I’ll just explain briefly. During, the holiday season you can find these items being warn by anyone in an office setting, party or just about anywhere. That item is the santa clause hat, an elf hat or felt antler ears. So, as a result Samuel L. Jackson is also wearing those same items.  The response to each card was amazing, everyone really loved the illustrations and the uniqueness of the cards themselves.

Seasons Greetings Main

Seasons Greetings_closeups

Seasons Greetings Pack

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