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7 Dimensions of Wellness « justcoolstudio.com

7 Dimensions of Wellness

The Center of Wellness for Urban Women, Inc is a local non-profit organization. They’re dedicated to empowering women until health disparities have been eliminated. CWUW empowers women and their families to become proactive in their health by improving the mind, body, and spirit through education, advocacy, care, and prevention. Their entire program is based around 7 Dimensions of Wellness. These 7 Dimensions of Wellness include:  physical, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, emotional and social. 

The posters you see here were created for an introductory event hosted by them. They’ll also be used to inform members of CWUW when participating in the programs for years to come.

Create 7 distinct posters that showcase CWUW programs, upcoming programs and the impact they have on the community. They had to be informative about the things they’ve done and plan to do in the future.  Simplicity, modernism and a bold usage of color were also a requirement.  Lastly, they were meant to answer important questions about the organization .

With that information in mind.  My decision involved a consistent layout, with balance and  movement across the board. Prominence was given to each header, ‘The 7 Dimensions of Wellness’  and the actual dimension of each poster.  Fortunately, each dimension was already accompanied by a color. However, the colors assigned to the dimensions were very dark for the most part, so a sense of contrast was needed. As a result , a complimentary or split complimentary hue was added to each poster for that purpose. This was done in an effort to make a harmonious visual experience for whichever dimension as it’s being viewed.  My clients at the Center of Wellness for Urban Women, loved the posters for the event and will continue using them in the future.






Each poster is 24 x 36 in size.


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