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Strong Minded

Strong Minded , is an emerging  brand of street wear clothing , and it is based out of Indianapolis.  With fashion,  the brand aims to encourage,inspire and unite a diverse group of people, that share similar sensibilities.  The icons used are a light bulb and barbells, the light bulb represents the Intellectual power the mind produces and the barbells of course are strength.  The intersecting of the barbells symbolizes the unity the brand hopes to create with its clothing.  By combining these icons the brand is given an easily recognizable symbol  that works effectively positioned above the name, bringing the identity full circle. In addition, it also works well by itself, as it would be presented separately on various t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and so on.

The name,  is presented using a bold serif and thin sans serif font.  There is a difference in weight because of the public perception between strength and intellect.


Logo Buttons.


Business Cards.

Tagline Buttons.

Some Branding

materials include: promotional flyers, business cards, stickers, buttons, hang tags and a twitter page at this moment. It will also feature woven tags, a blog and eventually a website as well. So as you’ve probably guessed,  It was very important for the brandmark to work at various sizes and  across multiple platforms .  The color pallete of black, white and grey is used to give the brand an overall clean, distinct, and sophisticated appearance.


Oh Yeah – Did I mention I’m Co-Owner & Lead Designer of this Brand???…..Clothing Drops in 2013, stay tuned.

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