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Why Live When You Can Rule « justcoolstudio.com

Why Live When You Can Rule


Tracklist with Cd Label

Tony Tr!bes is a local recording artist in Indianapolis, In. When he first approached me about doing this project, he emphasized the importance of creating memorable packaging that separates him from other artists. I believe both goals were achieved with this project.

Create memorable album packaging depicting a dream being pursued and/or the escape from reality. In addition, it had be friendly, moving, and energetic  in terms of overall tone. The packaging needed to standout and serve as part of the Tony Tr!bes brand experience.

The navigation through life, when pursuing a big dream or long term goal rarely ever consists of a straight path. The album explores those twists and turns one faces on their journey, so the packaging had to reflect that in a simplistic fashion. It was important that the visuals stood out as much as the music did. Tony Tr!bes, is all about being an individual amongst artists who are sometimes the opposite of that. My client loved the approach taken on this project and will soon be releasing it to the masses.


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